Road map

Roadmap for the Inspiga Marketplace project

2021 — Q4

  • Market research
  • Conducting a survey among cryptocurrency holders and businesses on the feasibility of this product
  • Start of Crypto Marketplace development
  • Creating an INS Token
  • Creation of social networks of the project
  • Launch of an investor's office

2022 — Q1

  • Launch of the first version of the marketplace (MVP)
  • Project presentation for early investors
  • Development of marketing strategy
  • Set of first token holders to launch marketing strategy ($ 200,000)
  • Conducting presentations and personal meetings with store owners to demonstrate the capabilities of the platform
  • Development of a mechanism for verification of stores
  • Writing WhitePaper
  • Presentation of the first NFT collection at Future by Binance (starting cost of the collection $ 50,000)
  • > 10,000 goods and services on the platform
  • > 100 verified stores

2022 — Q2 - Q3

  • Marketing company for entering the international market
  • Conducting a marketing campaign to sell INS Token
  • Conducting IDO – SeedSale, PreSale, PublicSale
  • Listing CoinMarketCap
  • Listing CoinGecko
  • Listing on DEX Exchanges
  • Listing on CEX Exchanges
  • Getting started on VR Mall
  • Presentation of VR store in Inspiga Mall
  • Sale of virtual retail spaces in Inspiga VR Mall (via NFT)
  • Launch of CRM system for stores on the Inspiga Marketplace (customer base, inventory, finance, etc.)
  • > 100,000 goods and services on the platform
  • > 1,000 stores on the platform worldwide accepting cryptocurrency

2022 — Q4 - ...

  • NFT Marketplace on Inspiga
  • Launch a mobile application for Inspiga Marketplace
  • Launch of VR stores in Inspiga VR Mall
  • Integration into the project “Crypto Social Help”
  • Integration into the project “Give a dream”
  • 1,000,000 goods and services on a platform that can be exchanged for cryptocurrency worldwide

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